With women's lives as busy as they are, remembering when a period is due often means a written entry in a paper-based diary system.  With most women having online access through mobiles and computers, it makes sense to make this information electronic, easily accessed and easily updated.  Having a reminder emailed to her would help any woman feel in control and prepared, however busy they might be.

My Period Diary is a new website which helps all women who are menstruating keep track of their period dates.  The premise of this website is that a woman can create a free account and save her dates when she starts her period.  My Period Diary saves all these dates and works out when the user's next period is due, then emails her to let her know that her period will be due within a week.

How is this done?  The website calculates on the usual average of 28 days' menstrual cycle until some of the user's dates are entered, and then becomes more and more accurate as the user enters in more dates.  It calculates the average menstrual cycle for each individual.  Users also have the option to enter their dates straight away if they have kept them in a paper diary, and the site will make an accurate prediction immediately.